Our work

Brands are deeply human, inherent in our cultures, representing how we see our world, the stories we share of our desires and ideas on life.

Enova digital report
Enova Annual Report
Digitising sustainability reporting for the future
Strategy / Communication / Design / UI & UX / Frontend development
Enova Hero pic mountains with a lake or fjord
A guiding star for tomorrow's Norway
Visual identity / Communication / Design / Strategy
A unique dining concept centered around sharing
Visual identity / Design / Communication / Strategy
Hands planting in soil among young green plants
European Region of Gastronomy
Celebrating a community of food and flavour
Strategy / Communication / Design / Performance marketing
Nonspace Kunstsilo Hero Flags
Cathedral of culture & internationally significant art institution
Visual identity / Communication / Design / Strategy / Brandspace
Britannia Hotel
An extraordinary summer in Trondheim
Communication / Strategy / Performance marketing / Design
Visit Røros og Østerdalen
Visit Røros og Østerdalen
A destination brand connecting local communities
Visual identity / Strategy / Design
Self-powered batteryless tech meets a 3D web universe
Service & UX design / Design
Dog and man looking up
One kWh at a time
Communication / Strategy / Design / Service & UX design / Frontend development
Bergen house
Visit Bergen
An iconic region in the character of Norway; home and heritage for many, and destination for visitors from around the world
Visual identity / Brandspace / Design
Britannia logo
Britannia Hotel
A house of influence since 1870
Strategy / Brand hierarchy / Visual identity / Design / Service & UX design / Communication
Nonspace Reitan Vintage photo
Preserving gold in a historic brand
Strategy / Design / Service & UX design / Visual identity
Reimagining Oleana for the future of fashion
Strategy / UI & UX / Design / Communication
Film Festival Feels Hero Image
Film Festival Feels
Re-framing film festivals for Gen Z
Strategy / Design / Visual identity / Communication
Viking Aqua Illustration
Viking Aqua
Creating an eco bubble for the future of fish farming
Strategy / Visual identity / Communication / UI & UX
Visit Trondheim background
Visit Trondheim
A city brand that’s not about tourism
Strategy / Design / Visual identity / Service & UX design / Communication
Linework duotone tattoo artist
Taking the pain out of managing tattoos
Visual identity / Design / Strategy
Black and white portrait with a stiched crown
The handmade crown
Communication / Visual identity / Strategy
Sjømannskirken logo with a child and a priest sack racing in the background
Changing the chorus of an iconic institution
Strategy / Brand hierarchy / Visual identity / Design / UI & UX / Brandspace
Ventizolve - The balance of opposing forces
A life-saving product for the opioid epidemic
Visual identity / Design / Service & UX design / Communication