Preserving gold in a historic brand

What we did:
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  • 03 Service & UX design
  • 04 Visual identity
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REITAN is one of Norway's largest privately owned holding companies which practices active ownership through independent companies.

The company has active ownership in some of Norway's most recognizable and loved brands, such as REMA 1000, YX, Uno-X Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Solvinge, Kjeldsberg, to mention a few. With a complex company structure and active ownership of brands in seven countries in the Nordic and the Baltic region, REITAN saw the need to reposition themselves, refine their brand architecture and redesign their brand.

(Work developed under ANTI Trondheim & ANTI Bergen)

Reitan quote


Founded in 1948, REITAN has a vision of being the most value-driven company in the world. Not everyone can see the connection between the company’s brand values and the strong brands in their portfolio. REITAN’s story of success has also resulted in complex company structures that make it hard to navigate the business areas and their brand universe. Being active in seven countries demands that their brand work across different cultures and languages.

With a renewed focus and ambition of creating a brand strategy that can grow over time, we needed to define their brand hierarchy and business areas while modernising the brand without losing sight of their strong history.

Together with the client we saw the need for creating a design system for their business to grow in the future. To do this we had to create a new brand strategy, to ensure increased growth over time, and continue to position them as the most value-driven company.

Reitan primary logo
Reitan primary logo
Reitan structure of primary logo
Reitan secondary logo
Reitan structure of secondary logo


Through multiple workshops and processes with the client, we developed a strategy that follows a new structure, so as they grow new business areas they can use human behaviour as the guiding principle for naming future areas. Our focus was on internal communications, making their structures more visible in their main areas of business, where they went from 6 different business areas to 3 areas that focus on; Retail, Property, and Finance.

While most people in Norway can pronounce Reitangruppen (Reitangroup), most people in the Nordic and Baltic regions stick to Reitan. During our process, we looked into naming systems that could simplify their branding hierarchy and make it easier for everyone to understand the brandstructure. The company was renamed to REITAN AS.

Reitan flag at Lade Gaard Reitan floating paper

To create a sustainable brand architecture and build a visual identity we focused on the many great qualities and characteristics of the brand that could bring REITAN new life, and at the same time preserve their legacy. In an increasingly modernised and international market, the identity needed to convey stability, flexibility, and confidence.

REITAN’s new design platform, system and website focus on their brand storytelling, redefining Reitan visually as a heritage brand. A brand with a long history and a lot of weight, renewed and ready for the future.

Reitan tagline: The most value-driven company
Reitan Logo hierarchy
Reitan brands
Reitan colours
Reitan layout
Reittan layout
Reitan layout
Reitan flag

Through close collaboration with the client, we designed a new website built around their values, rich history, and strong brands.

Reitan website
Reitan website
Reitan website
Reitan website mobile version
Reitain sign