Reimagining Oleana for the future of fashion

What we did:
  • 01 Strategy
  • 02 UI & UX
  • 03 Design
  • 04 Communication
  • Fashion & wellbeing
  • Media & culture


Oleana is a fashion brand renowned for their exclusive wool garments, with highend in house production. As a second generation family owned business, under new creative direction, Oleana required a refresh of their brand strategy to express the new collections for a new fashion consumer. Lifting their legacy of highend ethical production and material care into the future.

Our role at Nonspace was to lead the brand strategy across product lines, communications and e-commerce. Giving direction and collaborating with photographer Silje Bryn Knutsen, stylists & fashion PR agents Borti, programmers Frend Digital, and the creative leadership of Oleana.

We formulated a new brand and product hierarchy and positioning, a refreshed story and tone of voice, bold visuals and inspiring content that reflected a more contemporary, ageless identity. Integrated into a new e-commerce platform.

(Work developed under ANTI)

Oleana Logo
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We recognised Oleana’s true and strong commitment to sustainability and high-quality materials. However, in the tension of the fashion industry today, still wrestling with the greenwash of fast fashion and the unattainability of haute couture, Oleana struggled to effectively communicate these values in such a noisy market.

Our strategy developed a rich content universe that highlighted their dedication to controlled production, attention to craftsmanship, and use of lasting colours and materials. Blending ecommerce product content with editorial and inspiration.

By focusing on inspiring articles with a modern, energetic aesthetic, we were able to reposition Oleana as a uniquely positioned fashion house and attract a new customer group across generations of independent shoppers. Through close collaboration with the client, we transformed Oleana's brand hierarchy and visual identity to appeal to a scandi-inspired, independent, strong, style-conscious audience.

Oleana Website Design
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Our goal was for Oleana to find their place in the market and build a sustainable brand strategy. We drew inspiration from an intergenerational, nonbinary, energetic, and empowered audience and developed a concept that celebrates individuality and personal style.

Oleana Website

We created a new brand platform for Oleana to tell their story and engage with their audience, inviting them to be a part of the brand's communication. In addition to the reboot of their visual identity, we also designed a full e-commerce experience, and established a brand hierarchy to help Oleana transition to the digital age.

Oleana TOV
Oleana TOV
Oleana TOV
Oleana TOV
Oleana Oleana Pattern

By highlighting their classic collection and increasing their online presence, we helped Oleana build on the success of their iconic bestseller and pave the way for their future in fashion.

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