Changing the chorus of an iconic institution

What we did:
  • 01 Strategy
  • 02 Brand hierarchy
  • 03 Visual identity
  • 04 Design
  • 05 UI & UX
  • 06 Brandspace
  • Citizenship
  • Media & culture
  • Age
Sjømannskirken logo with a child and a priest sack racing in the background


Sjømannskirken has been an iconic institution in Norway since it was founded in 1864, with a commission from the Parliament to serve Norwegians abroad.

The Christian non-profit organisation has 28 churches around the world, from London to LA, Rio de Janeiro to Singapore, creating an important meeting place for Norwegians around the world. With a rich history and high brand awareness, Sjømannskirken needed a revitalised presentation of their brand to represent the modern organisation they have become.

Working on the rebranding of Sjømannskirken we created an accessible and easily recognisable visual profile to be used all around the world, adding a new story of community and togetherness.

A black and white photo of Norwegian sailors and a baby


Many Norwegians have a strong and close relationship with the brand, and a love for the existing visual expression, but the profile needed new energy and a system to work in the digital world. With so much heritage & emotional value it was essential that we built on the history of Sjømannskirken and its national significance.

Historic development of Sjømannskirken logo

With such an important and active social responsibility, it was important for us to consider the large numbers of employees and volunteers, who should easily be able to use and work with the new design system, most with little or no practical design experience. Therefore, the emotional equity and usability of the solution were front of mind throughout our process.

Two seagulls flying Blue flag with Sjømannskirken logo


For hundreds of years, the Sjømannskirken logo has been a new version of itself, connected to the symbol of a lone seagull, originally representing a safe harbour for sailors. Our recommendation was to not change it totally, but adding to it, so the one seagull became a flock. Three seagulls together, telling a story of community, being together, and never feeling alone.

We also developed a visual icon style to differentiate the many aspects of Sjømannskirken, fronting their large number of activities, creating an easy way for the organisation to communicate towards their different target groups.

Sjømannskirken white logo on blue background
Sjømannskirken blue logo on white background
Sjømannskirken white symbol on red background
Light grey t-shirt with Sjømannskirken blue logo Totebag with Sjømannskirken blue graphic motive and white logo
Sjømannskirken logo on an envelope Business cards
Worker in an orange overall and white helmet with Sjømannskirken blue symbol
Car with Sjømannskirken blue graphic motive and white logo

Based on the national Norwegian colours, we created a red, white, and blue colour pallet, maintaining the roots of the organisation around the world. The dark navy is there through the whole brand, representing the colour of the ocean and the sea, connecting all the continents of the world.

We also introduced a more vibrant and energetic secondary colour palette to work with all the diverse events and locations that Sjømannskirken operates.

Icons on a colourful background
Green poster with white icons and blue text
3 colourful posters
A poster and an event schedule

To make the new profile accessible and easy to use, we chose an open source typography, concomitant use of brand graphics, simple layout solutions, and a comprehensive, but easy to use and engaging digital brand manual.

Poster, photo, and program for May 17th
A booklet with "Home"in the title and a portrait of an old lady on the cover