Britannia Hotel:

An extraordinary summer in Trondheim

What we did:
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With its unique positioning as one of Norway's most influential 5-star luxury hotels, Britannia Hotel has a rich history of providing its guests with extraordinary experiences both within and beyond the hotel.

During the development of this year's summer campaign for Britannia Hotel, we saw an opportunity to showcase the unique experiences guests can enjoy during their stay, by highlighting the many curated activities the hotel and city of Trondheim offers.

With the goal of positioning Britannia as a hotel unlike any other, we created a summer campaign focusing on the guests and their seamless stay at Britannia Hotel, filled with exciting and memorable activities, providing a genuinely dreamy summer.


In an increasingly competitive hospitality market, where summer tourists and holidaymakers often look to experience as much as possible over a short period of time, it was important for Britannia to stand out digitally, not only as a luxury hotel but also as a curator of experiences.

While many consider Britannia a destination in itself, the hotel with its unique positioning in the centre of Trondheim opens up the opportunities further. It is the contrast between the experiences you can have during your stay at Britannia, which will make your stay unforgettable.


Focusing on Britannia Hotel as a facilitator of extraordinary experiences, we developed a summer campaign featuring a series of films, showcasing guests at Britannia Hotel experiencing their dream summer through a rich selection of activities. Our primary target audience included families with older children looking to enhance their summer vacation with something truly special, and national and international luxury travellers seeking Trondheim as a destination. We also added a secondary target group of friends, food enthusiasts, and spa and wellness-goers.

There are a lot of reasons to visit Trondheim, but when you are going to stay somewhere, there is no place like Britannia Hotel! For international visitors with limited knowledge about the hotel and the city, it was important to show what a stay at Britannia Hotel can give you, and the exceptional experiences that can be tailored to each visitor.

With a clear strategy to create digital awareness and engagement for the hotel, we built our campaign to evolve around four different themes; 'The Fjord and its Ingredients' showing activities for families, 'Historical and Vibrant' for millennial couples, 'A Small Big City' for boomers and 'Trondheim Summer' for younger audiences and friends. Each film targeted directly towards the different audiences to increase reach and awareness. The campaign was translated into 4 languages, and presented in countless formats and lengths to work across social media and paid display ads.

Phone with Britannia Britannia hotel
Britannia ad in magazine
Britannia ads at Gardemoen airport
Britannia ads at Gardemoen airport

By using the guests’ own point of view actively in the art direction, we were able to showcase the many and diverse experiences that Britannia Hotel facilitates, in a personal way.

From private boat trips to the sunny islands, salmon fishing and kayaking, to 5-star dining experiences, luxurious spa, and Norway's best hotel breakfast, the different targeted audiences would feel like they were part of the experience themselves.

Collaborating with film production company WeMake, the 4 day shoot took us across the centre and outskirts of Trondheim, on the river running through it, and on the fjord surrounding the city, and to the various areas of the magnificent hotel. We then worked with composer Dom James to create a bespoke summer soundscape for Britannia, with 4 variations tailored to each target group.

Behind the scenes, camera moun


Our ongoing campaign for Britannia Hotel has generated remarkable outcomes, with increases in website traffic, room bookings, and overall brand engagement across popular platforms. Targeting both domestic and international audiences, including travellers from London, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, the strategic utilisation of video ads captured the attention of 1,246,986 Norwegian unique users, 519,335 Danish unique users, 1,216,410 English unique users, and 609,725 Swedish unique users across Facebook and Instagram.

Britannia Hotel’s own website experienced an increase of 30% in both users and sessions, and a remarkable 55.87% increase in visitors compared to the previous year's summer campaign. From the UK the campaign successfully attracted a larger number of visitors, resulting in an 11.61% increase and 83.33% surge in room bookings. In Denmark we saw a growth of 34.42% in visitors, resulting in a remarkable 107.14% increase in room bookings.

In addition to the previously mentioned results, we also implemented a targeted advertising campaign at Gardermoen airport during February and March 2023 and observed an increase of 4,900% in website visits from this geographic position, compared to the previous year.

Production company: Wemake Producer: Eivind Sæther Director: Nic & PG Fordal Music: Dom James Airport Distribution: Clear Channel