The handmade crown

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Black and white portrait with a stiched crown


Monarchy, a high-end hair salon in Bergen, prides itself on being unique.

They chose us at Nonspace with the goal of standing out in a growing competitive market. Getting back to their distinctiveness and values, to showcase expertise and passion for the craft. To elevate them as the premier hair salon we created a concept centered around both craftsmanship and the craftspeople of Monarchy; the hairdressers.

Monarchy Lockup
Monarchy Lockup
Black and white portrait of a woman with a red stiched crown


Monarchy was in need of a strategy to promote their hairdressers' availability and wanted something that was easy to manage on their own digital channels. In a market oversaturated with “before and after'' pictures, we took the approach to focus on showcasing the expertise and personalities of their team. Our first step was to commission photographer Silje Bryn Knutsen to produce studio portraits of each hairdresser with regal postures with a quirk of their individual expressions. Next, we hand stitched the images, with silk and wool yarn. This embroidery of ‘crowns’ was painstakingly crafted to show the same commitment to handicraft and quality as they express to their customers. Each portrait became an individual character to the Monarchy brand, with personalised copywriting and storytelling. This established a personal relationship between the customer and the Monarchy team.

To help Monarchy sustain this concept and grow their social media presence, we created an easy-to-use social media kit for them to experiment with and utilise. This kit was designed to inspire Monarchy to take full advantage of their new concept and grow their online presence over time.

Suspended lights and mirrors in Monarchy hair salon i Phone Mockup on a sofa


We launched a social media campaign with targeted ads featuring each hairdresser's crown and created an easy-to-use social media kit with the brand assets, photos, and crowns for the client to use in their own marketing efforts. We incorporated the crown concept into a new and improved website with a user-friendly design; optimised for bookings. Overall, the crowns served as a reflection of Monarchy's expertise and commitment to excellence, presented in a visually striking and memorable way to ensure a strong and lasting brand identity.

Tagline: Vi setter kronen på verket
Tagline and a black and white portrait with a stiched crown
Tagline: Bestill en royal behandling i dag
Tagline and a black and white portrait with a stiched crown
Lockup and tagline
A black and white portrait of a woman with a stiched crown Med brilliant teknikk og skarpe sakser. Hanne setter alltid kronen på verket.
Monarchy Colours
Monarchy Typography - Eiko Thin
SoMe post
SoMe story
SoMe post
SoMe story
SoMe post
SoMe story
SoMe post


During the campaign period from mid-September to the end of December, the paid search campaign and social traffic generated 60% of the total traffic on the Monarchy website. The reach of the Facebook page increased by 777% compared to the previous period, resulting in 46,024 people seeing content related to the page, such as posts, stories, ads, and social interactions. Similarly, the reach of the Instagram profile saw a significant increase of 1.6K%, resulting in 19,751 people seeing at least one of the posts or stories, and the number of followers on their Instagram account increased by 94%.

Despite the industry facing economic challenges during and after the pandemic, Monarchy was able to achieve a significant turnaround. In particular, the company saw an unprecedented 15% growth in revenue from September to December.