Enova Annual Report:

Digitising sustainability reporting for the future

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Enova digital report


Enova, a pivotal player in Norway's journey toward a low-emission society, engaged Nonspace to transform its annual report into a more captivating, user-friendly, and sustainable format.

Recognising the increasing significance of sustainability and ESG reporting, our key insight was to create a dynamic platform that presents intricate data clearly and interactively, with the flexibility to receive updates and serve as a valuable resource year after year. In response, we conceived a digital annual report for Enova, showcasing their yearly accomplishments within a resilient platform well-suited for ongoing and future reporting needs.


Enova operates in a complex field with data-heavy annual reports that could overwhelm or confuse its readers and stakeholders. Their objective was to effectively convey their story, achievements, and sustainability information to a diverse audience, including their owner and management, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, industry professionals, journalists, and the general public. Furthermore, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and meeting stakeholder expectations posed a considerable challenge.

Our mission was to create an adaptable, user-friendly, and visually captivating solution that preserves the intricacies of their work while communicating in a manner that resonates with a broader audience. This solution needs a design that can withstand time and evolve with Enova's ever-changing requirements.

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In response to these challenges, we pioneered a sophisticated digital annual report that strongly emphasizes storytelling and user-friendly navigation. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as Vue and Nuxt as full-stack platforms, Sanity for content management, Algolia for search capabilities, Mux for video content, and Siteimprove for data integrity, we engineered an accessible platform designed to translate intricate data into compelling narratives.

This digital report dynamically showcases Enova's annual performance, offering clarity through interactive graphs and intuitive data visualisation tools. We enriched user engagement by seamlessly weaving in quotes synced with audio clips from Enova's employees, infusing the narrative with a human touch. Additionally, we introduced fresh content that spotlights inspiring individuals and companies at the forefront of Norway's low-emission society transition. This feature provides a more personal and relatable perspective on the impact of Enova's efforts.

By leveraging advanced technologies and expertise, we designed a solution that allows our client to connect data from multiple sources with minimal effort. This content studio revolutionised their editorial workflow, empowering them to gather insights, analyse trends, and create impactful content. We significantly enhanced our client's editorial experience by developing a cutting-edge content studio that effortlessly streamlined their data integration process.



Our innovative approach conserves valuable time and resources and empowers content creators to swiftly make data-informed decisions, ultimately leading to heightened productivity and improved editorial outcomes.

The tangible success of our solution for Enova is exemplified within the digital report itself. Enova has reported increased stakeholder engagement and more effective communication of their pivotal contributions to Norway's pursuit of a low-emission society after its implementation. This report's interactive and dynamic nature has cultivated a deeper connection between Enova and its stakeholders, offering profound insights into their ongoing progress.

We perceive this achievement as a glimpse into the future of annual reporting—where technology seamlessly integrates with sustainability to inspire, educate, and invigorate the journey toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

See the report here.

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