European Region of Gastronomy:

Celebrating a community of food and flavour

What we did:
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In 2022, Trondheim and Trøndelag received the prestigious title of "European Region of Gastronomy." Along with this recognition came a desire to celebrate the region and its unique flavour. The solution was to promote unity and the food culture for which Trøndelag is renowned.

"Social dining" and the cultivation of a convivial atmosphere around the long table are Nordic and Trøndersk traditions that date back to Viking times. The long table symbolises cosyness, warmth, and togetherness, values shared by the people of Trøndelag. Following the strict social restrictions during the pandemic, our creative campaign not only focused on food but also aimed to highlight the unifying effect that food has on people. It celebrated the joy of coming together around a table with food and the engagement that arises when we cultivate food experiences together.

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Trøndelag had a bold vision: to fortify the bonds of community and celebrate the rich culinary heritage of the region. The goal was to showcase local food experiences and inspire people to cultivate their ingredients. Simultaneously, it was imperative to elevate the profile of Trøndelag as the European Region of Gastronomy, firmly placing Trondheim and Trøndelag on the global gastronomic map.

Our mission was clear – to ignite passion, cultivate awareness, and instill pride in the bountiful Trøndelag produce and cuisine. We embarked on a journey that featured long outdoor tables set against a backdrop of diverse landscapes – from bustling city streets to quiet museums, snowy ski slopes, lush greenhouses, picturesque farms, majestic mountains, and tranquil seashores across the region. This endeavour came after an extended period of social distancing, offering a contemporary and unifying concept to celebrate and spotlight the hyper-local ingredients that make Trøndelag's culinary heritage genuinely exceptional.

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We initiated a two-pronged campaign that became "Dine Together" and "Cultivate Together."

Dine Together: To raise awareness about local culinary experiences and foster togetherness around the table, we organised numerous indoor and outdoor events in collaboration with restaurants, food producers, and various venues across Trondheim and Trøndelag. We used films and images to document long tables set in the region. We employed advertisements to promote the concept, specific dining experiences, and ticket sales. Additionally, we printed ads in local magazines and visible signs and visual elements featured at food festivals and events to increase campaign awareness.

Cultivate Together: To encourage individuals of all age groups to cultivate their ingredients, we established urban gardens in Trondheim and Steinkjer. Participants could sign up and receive a cultivation kit with the necessary equipment. We used videos and social media ads to recruit participants and introduce cultivation locations. Furthermore, we created videos for schools to educate children and adults about cultivation. We distributed seed packets and brochures with cultivation tips to schools and kindergartens to encourage more people to participate.

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Our digital marketing strategy for Trøndelag County Municipality and the European Region of Gastronomy delivered a robust reach and significant engagement across platforms. Through strategic video and carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram, we reached over 134,000 unique users. On Snapchat, we achieved an impressive reach of over 234,000 unique users. Notably, programmatic video ads on popular platforms like VGTV and TV2 engaged thousands of unique users. Altogether, we put Trondheim and Trøndelag on the map as a leading power region for gastronomical experience and community.