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Written by
Ingrid Haugen Nonskar
Content Creator
December 20, 2023

Gold and silver for the innovative annual report with Enova

Farmandprisen, a revered institution since 1955, annually celebrates Norway's finest in annual report excellence. The best website category was initiated in 2006, and continues to honour outstanding digital reporting.

In this year's Farmand Prize Award, our digital report for Enova secured the prestigious gold for the best digital annual report and silver for excellence in the public sector's annual report category. Enova stands as a catalyst in Norway's transition towards a low-emission society. The organisation's commitment to fostering new energy and climate technologies plays a pivotal role in expediting the nation's climate targets, aiming to reduce essential emissions by 2050.

From new company profile to gold in annual reporting - an incredible journey

The annual report serves as a critical tool for Enova, ensuring transparency and accessibility of all projects to a wide audience, ranging from the Minister of Climate and Environment to businesses, journalists, and the general public. – The last two years have been a fantastic journey together with Nonspace, kicking off 2023 by launching a new corporate profile that has become a powerful tool, providing us with a clearer, more unified, and proud brand. It's exciting to see how the brand platform has contributed to lifting the annual report, says Vidar Pedersen, Enova's Head of Communications and Marketing. The rigorous competition for the annual report demanded a comprehensive approach and The Farmand jury underscores, "Distinguishing top reports necessitates a robust structure, user-friendly design, and an unwavering focus on sustained value creation. Recognized reports adeptly present the company's objectives and achievements, both operationally and financially, within this context."

Desktop version of Enovas arsrapport

Going for gold on first attempt

The collaboration between Enova and Nonspace has been instrumental in crafting an innovative, dynamic annual report. This partnership sought to simplify intricate data while presenting Enova's impactful work in an engaging manner. Resulting in gold and silver on our first attempt. - We are thrilled with this accomplishment! The extensive collaborative effort within our organisation, coupled with Nonspace's exceptional support, has yielded an innovative report that truly reflects Enova's endeavours, says Christina Hedin, Enova's project manager and campaign manager. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we created a platform that seamlessly translates complex data into compelling narratives. - Our aim was to craft something that Enova could take pride in - a flexible, innovative platform capable of evolving over time, effectively communicating Enova's vital work for the future. Securing gold and silver on our first attempt is a testament to our dedication, states Stian Ward Bugten, Partner and Head of Creative at Nonspace.


Would you like more information about Enova's work and the path towards a low-emission society? Enova's annual report is available online and can be read in its entirety at Read more about the background and production of the annual report on Nonspace's website: Read more about the Farmands prize: Would you like more information about our innovative solutions for digital annual reports? Contact us