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Written by
Stian Ward Bugten
Head of Creative
October 23, 2023

Transform your annual report with a dynamic digital report - Our case with Enova

As more and more companies embrace sustainability and ESG reporting, it's become increasingly important to find new ways to communicate complex information in a way that engages stakeholders.

At Nonspace, we've developed a digital annual report for Enova that does just that, and we're excited to share its potential with you.

Key features of the digital annual report Our digital yearly report uses a cutting-edge technical framework that includes Nuxt and Vue for the front end, Sanity for the backend, Algol for search, and Mux for video content. This enables us to create a user-friendly, visually engaging, dynamic, and responsive report.


One of the key features of our report is the dynamic graphs that visualise the year in numbers. These graphs are designed to help stakeholders understand key metrics and trends in a clear and intuitive way. We've also developed a system for syncing quotes with the sound of the person speaking, which helps to highlight important messages and make the report more engaging.

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Customisation for other clients One of the most exciting aspects of our digital annual report is its flexibility and customisation. We've designed the system to be easily adapted to fit the needs and branding of other clients. Companies can use the same platform to create sustainability and ESG reports tailored to their needs.


Effective content studio We have improved the editorial experience by developing a state-of-the-art content studio. The content studio streamlines the editorial workflow and provides the opportunity to gather insights, analyse trends, and create impactful content.

By utilising advanced technology and expertise, the platform connects data from multiple sources with minimal effort, for example, by retrieving figures directly from PowerBI, Excel, or other data sources.

Benefits of using a digital report There are many benefits to using a digital report over a traditional print report. For one, it's more cost-effective, as there are no printing or shipping costs. Additionally, digital reports are more accessible and can be viewed anywhere with an internet connection. Our report is also optimised for data visualisation, meaning stakeholders can better understand complex information and track progress toward sustainability goals.

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ESG reporting capabilities Our digital yearly report is specifically designed to support ESG reporting. We've developed a system that makes it easy to track and report on key sustainability metrics, and we've also included features that help companies comply with regulatory requirements and meet stakeholder expectations.

Success stories At Nonspace, we're proud of the work we've done for Enova, and we're excited to share some of their success stories with you. Through our digital annual report, Enova has been able to engage stakeholders more meaningfully and communicate the impact they're having on Norway's transition to a low-emission society. We believe that other companies can benefit from our platform as well.


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