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brandspace reporter
Written by
Astrid Norum
Digital Innovation Lead
May 27, 2024

Brandspace: Build your brand in the cloud

We're thrilled to introduce Brandspace®, our groundbreaking brand tech solution designed to revolutionise brand management and presentation for companies across all sectors. Brandspace offers a comprehensive digital overview of a company's brand ecosystem, covering strategy, identity, digital components, sustainability efforts, and annual reports.

Everything is continuously updated and instantly accessible, ensuring that organisations have a real-time pulse on their brand's performance and projection.

Centralised Brand Management with Brandspace Manager

Imagine all the elements of your brand—from strategy and identity to sustainability practices—harmonised in one dynamic, digital space. Brandspace serves as your brand's command centre, allowing seamless management and integration of all brand components.

This unified approach simplifies brand oversight and enhances consistency across all platforms and communications.


Dynamic and Engaging Reports with Brandspace Reporter

With Brandspace, reporting transcends traditional spreadsheets and static PDFs. We empower you to create and share visually engaging and interactive reports that reflect your data and effectively engage and inform your stakeholders.

This transparency and responsiveness can boost stakeholder trust and support better decision-making.

"Nonspace is where talents, partners, and customers learn from each other and grow as a community for good ideas with valuable impact. We believe in creating value with our customers, which has led us to launch Brandspace," says Stian Ward Bugten, Head of Creative and Founder at Nonspace.

While we have started in Norway, Brandspace is ready to meet global needs. We're excited to introduce this innovation to brands worldwide and can't wait to see how it will elevate your brand management.

Brandspace is a hub of digital products. As we continue to grow and develop new and existing products, we welcome you to keep up with the exciting developments on our website .

If you're as passionate about transforming brand management as we are, let's connect and discuss how Brandspace can help you own your brand in the cloud!

Curious to see our work in action? Check out these examples of sustainable digital annual reports we've crafted:

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Reitan Eiendom Digital Annual Report

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