Enova velger Nonspace
Written by
Stian Ward Bugten
Head of Creative
October 1, 2022

Enova selects Nonspace as its design, advertising, and technology partner

In a competition with 12 other agencies, Nonspace emerged victorious in the battle for a three-year contract. Enova and Nonspace will now collaborate to work towards Norway's transition to a low-emission society.

Enova, a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Climate and Environment, supports the development of energy and climate technologies. Annually investing over five billion Norwegian kroner through the administration of the State's Climate and Energy Fund, Enova is a driving force behind the climate transition that aims to shape tomorrow's green Norway. Enova enhances Norway's competitive advantage while working towards a sustainable future by endorsing individuals, businesses, and projects at the forefront of these fields. - Enova is in the process of updating our profile and brand platform. We look forward to working with the talented team at Nonspace to strengthen the Enova brand and the tools that can contribute to clearer communication about us and our role. Nonspace delivered a strong proposal in a competition with highly skilled agencies. They demonstrated strategic and creative abilities throughout the competition, a good understanding of Enova and our mission, and an exciting team with relevant experience from Norway and abroad, says Vidar Pedersen, Head of Communication and Marketing, Acting Director of Strategy at Enova. Enova aims to establish an even stronger position and clarify its role as a leader in Norway's transition to a low-emission society by working closely with brand strategy, communication, and technology.

“Enova is one of Norway's most important state-owned companies, and given the societal situation we are in, Enova's role needs to be even more visible and understandable, both for individuals and businesses in Norway. Enova invests in people, projects, technologies, and solutions that reduce carbon emissions and create new values that benefit everyone in Norway in the future. We are honored to provide advice and implement design, communication, and technology measures that have a significant impact”.

- Stian Ward Bugten, Founder and Head of Creative at Nonspace.

"Through our collaboration with Enova, we look forward to contributing creative and value-driven solutions that work. Our team's experience and interdisciplinary expertise make us an excellent match for Enova. We have experience with strategies, identities, and campaigns for clients such as Britannia Hotel, Kunstsilo, Visit Trondheim, Bergens Tidende, Reitan, Vilda. Our team lives and works in Trondheim and Bergen, but most of us have relevant international experience that Enova can benefit from."

- Line Kibsgaard Sjøhelle, Studio Director at Nonspace.