Rosenborg ballklubb
Written by
Stian Ward Bugten
Head of Creative
March 1, 2023

Nonspace will be Rosenborg's new brand agency

Rosenborg Ballklubb and Nonspace® have teamed up to strengthen the Rosenborg brand and improve the fan experience through innovative branding initiatives.

Together with the club, supporters, and partners, Nonspace® will strengthen the Rosenborg brand through a solid process that highlights the entire brand experience. With a focus on visual communication and content that hits across different media and platforms, Nonspace® and Rosenborg are now developing a clear strategy for the club's future, which reflects the club's unique position as a beloved football institution with a loyal fan base and deep community roots. - After the merger with RBK A-team Women, it is essential to show that Rosenborg is more than just one team; we represent the whole club with more than ten teams and are much more than just football. We have many great representatives for the club who do not play on the field and are all important brand ambassadors. Rosenborg's brand, values, and social mission provide excellent value to many outside of match day. With an entirely new generation growing up in a digital world, it is essential that we strengthen the commitment and the community the club creates in Norway and the Nordics, says Stian Moursund, sales - and marketing manager at Rosenborg Ballklubb. The collaboration with Nonspace® promises to do just that - by combining creativity, digitisation, and culture to create exciting content, idea platforms, and visual elements, we will help connect people, technology, and brands in a new and engaging way. - We understand the emotional power of strong brands and the special place Rosenborg has in the hearts of its fans. We look forward to taking the brand to the next level and working with Rosenborg to increase engagement and build a sense of community beyond traditional media and platforms, says Stian Ward Bugten, creative director at Nonspace®. With this partnership, Rosenborg and Nonspace® are redefining what it means to be a football brand in a digital age, creating new opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite club in meaningful and authentic ways. In addition, Nonspace® becomes part of the partner network in the club. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration, and join us in celebrating the power of football to unite and inspire people worldwide!