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Nye Hjorten Teater og Nonspace
Written by
Stian Ward Bugten
Head of Creative
December 1, 2023

Nye Hjorten Teater: Trondheim's Artistic Renaissance

Nye Hjorten Teater will become Trondheim's new theatrical stage, opening its doors in 2025. The ambition is to create entertaining and engaging performances that can evoke a full spectrum of emotions. With great joy and enthusiasm, we can announce that Nonspace will lead the efforts in brand building and crafting the visual identity for Nye Hjorten Teater.

Hjorten Revy- og Varietéteater (locally known as Hjorten) first opened its doors in the neighbourhood of Ila in Trondheim in 1867. People from all walks of life gathered for unforgettable evenings and a welcoming break from everyday life. "Hjorten" was where everyone came together, a venue vibrating with joy and happiness. Soon, Nye Hjorten Teater will once again provide us with those great experiences, and we can already see the contours of what will become the new home for Trondheim's new theatrical stage in Apotekerveita.

- It’s a great honour to work as the creative partner for Nye Hjorten Teater. We have already delved deep into the theatre’s history and eagerly anticipate how we can combine historical pride with a new, vibrant visual language that will stand the test of time, says Mira Kahrs, project manager at Nonspace.

The main hall will offer entertaining experiences for 600 people, and guests will enjoy exquisite food and drinks from the in-house premium restaurant and cocktail bar.

- We took our time finding the right partner. For us, the composition of the team was crucial. Nonspace encompasses a wide range of knowledge that suits us well, says CEO Ida Dønheim.

- Playing ball with Nonspace is a delight. Together, we can reach new heights, united by the belief that the sky has no limits, says artistic director Mads Bones.

When Nye Hjorten Teater aims to entertain, engage, and surprise locals and visitors alike, it is with great pride that we at Nonspace will have the pleasure of conveying precisely that through solid design and effective communication.

- Through our work with the theatre's close neighbour, Britannia, we also had the opportunity to travel back in time and revive the former glory and unique 150-year-old history of Britannia. The result was a solid effort that has become a central part of our city's visual language. We bring this experience and expertise as we seek the "voice" and visual expression of Nye Hjorten Teater, concludes Stian Ward Bugten, Head of Creative hos Nonspace.