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Written by
Ramona Horn
Studio Director | BGO
March 14, 2023

Visit Røros & Østerdalen collaborates with Nonspace for an exciting venture

When Visit Røros and Østerdalen joined forces to establish a new destination company, they aimed to showcase the region's incredible natural beauty and cultural experiences.

After an extensive selection process that included local, regional, and national design and branding agencies, Nonspace emerged as the perfect fit.

Tove R. Martens, Tourism Director at Visit Røros and Østerdalen, explains: - Our new visual profile should mirror the destination's 'personality,' vision, and values while highlighting the strengths of Visit Røros and Østerdalen. This profile will be pivotal in developing the destination into an appealing national and international travel spot. We believe that Nonspace can bring vital experience, knowledge, and resources.

Emphasising the significance of a visual identity, Tove R. Martens states: - A new destination company needs a visual identity as it is the foundation of our brand and a guide for all communication and branding. While the logo and colours are essential, they are just the tip of the iceberg in a comprehensive process rooted in the company's strategy.

With offices in Trondheim and Bergen, Nonspace brings experience working with destination clients, including Visit Trondheim and Visit Bergen.

- We are delighted to have been chosen as the branding agency for Visit Røros and Østerdalen. The travel and tourism sectors have been evolving rapidly, driven by the need for more responsible travel and adjustments to post-pandemic realities. Visit Røros and Østerdalen have taken a pioneering role in addressing these challenges, shares Ramona Horn, Studio Director at Nonspace.

Horn envisions exciting possibilities: - We see many opportunities to engage the local community and domestic travellers, enhancing the region's international positioning. In many ways, this area is a hidden gem on the global stage, proving that it offers more than just fjords and city vacations.

The collaboration between Visit Røros, Østerdalen, and Nonspace promises to be a journey filled with innovation and growth, showcasing the region's true potential, says Ramona Horn hos Nonspace.